Individual therapy is all about you.

Different from couple´s therapy, where you go with your partner and different to group therapy, where other people discuss their issues with the group. It will be the two of us. I will completely focus on you and there will be time to work in depth. Many people without psychotherapeutic experience find it easier to start out with an individual therapy.

We deal with the emotional experience as it feels in the Here and Now.

We look at your past, as you experienced it, in the present. How are you feeling today, when you speak of this event during your adolescence? A future challenges will become present while you fear that upcoming event. While talking about upcoming changes in your everyday life you may feel anxciety, happiness or sadness. You feel in the Here and Now.

Methodical the gestalt therapy is open for anything that fosters the process.

Besides talking we can use excercises. Absent people can be part of your therapy, if we add a third chair to our setting. On this chair in your imagination you put maybe your boss, your deceased father or a friend. This way you can tell what is going on with you, what you feel when encountering that person. Afterwards you may reflect about it.

The durance people stay in therapy varies.

All clients will go through certain stages. At first, we will get to know each other. I will learn about you as a person. You will experience me in my role as therapist. Only when trust is established, we say there is safe ground, the deeper processes can start.
At some point you will realize that it is time for our farewell. My request for you is to go consciously through that parting process. To bid farewell is an important part of therapy.