Heike Robben
Puschkinallee 2
15732 Eichwalde
+49 (0)170 90 91 126

I was born and raised in Lower-Saxony, Germany. The first year after I finished school I have worked as a volunteer looking after children and juveniles, who were living at a residential home for kids. After that I studied laws in Osnabrück, Berlin and Boston (USA) and worked as a lawyer for 10 years.
During a personal crisis I experienced gestalt therapy as a healing support while taking on new steps both, in my personal and my professional life. This is how I came back to psychotherapy, my first career interest.

For four years I learned about the practice and theory of gestalt therapy at the Berlin institute for gestalt therapy and gestalt pedagogy (IGG e.V.). Ever since I am working self-employed as gestalt therapist in Eichwalde (Brandenburg) and Berlin-Wilmersdorf. At the GAP-Centrum e.V. I continued my gestalt education in gestalt couple´s therapy.

Don’t push the river. It flows by itself.

Barry Stevens