In Germany clients need to pay privately for gestalt therapy. It is annoying and another financial burden to pay for health insurance and still need to take on such expanses yourself. Given you can pay for yourself, I recommend deciding on whether you are willing to spend money in order to address your pain and suffering soon have yourself supported during your process of change.

If you choose a psychotherapy form independent from health insurance, you will receive treatment right away.

In Germany therapy places financed by health insurance are far from satisfying the demand. If you are currently feeling bad and you are aiming to go to therapy, I wish for you to be able to start treatment soon. It is very likely that you need to wait for an insurance paid place for weeks or months. It is the same situation with outpatient clinics. If you are not suicidal, you will have to wait. With a therapist offering non-insurance supported therapy, you will likely be able to begin therapy within fourteen days.

No forced durance, but reliability in the process

We will not set a fixed duration for the therapy as an insurance does for every customer. You are supposed to go to therapy only if you find you are still learning something. You are always free to stop treatment without your health insurance threating reimbursement or to not pay for past sessions as promised at first. Obviously, you should try to avoid ending a therapeutic process halfway. However, the condition is that the therapy has potential to have positive effects on you. You will feel, if you are in the middle of something and to do so is also part of the process of change. Also, we will make the duration of therapy an issue between each other.

It is your responsibility to recover what was lost. It is mine to support your recovery.

As it is common our first meeting will be free of charge.