Frequent subjects for psychotherapy are:

  • relationships und being alone
  • loneliness and absence
  • unanswered love and resentment
  • fears, anger and other emotions
  • trouble at work, on the streets and at home
  • Sticking to old patterns
  • To block your own way
  • tiredness and restlessness
  • boredom and senselessness
  • being a parent
  • your own parents
  • your own children
  • living within in patchwork family
  • single parent
  • aging
  • sickness and death
  • change and good-bye
  • beginnings and obstacles

To me all your personal matters are welcome to find space and time in psychotherapy.

I practice gestalt therapy

gestalt therapy is a type of psychotherapy on the grounds of a humanistic world view. We talk to each other. We listen and answer. It is not about hand crafting or painting. Although the use of media is always a possibility as well. Mindful we try to arrive in the Here and Now aiming to be and to experience, what is just happening and how that feels. To feel how you are, when you talk of yourself. I resonate with my emotional perception and share my experience while I am in contact with you.

What figure do either of us see, hear and feel?

We work with the phenomenon and along the process as it flows.  Look for example at the picture underneath this text. I see strong roots of an old tree. What do you see? Maybe you take the light or the colors into focus and think of dawn. Or you are caught by the blurred background that does not provide clarity. Our common gestalt that we will talk about, could be an old, strong tree in dawn that does not get clear orientiation from his souroundings.

Gestalt means how a subject matter shows itself between us.

What do you perceive, what do I perceive and what do both of us sense. Our work together follows our experience.

By the way, neither is an open mind for spirituality needed nor does it harm to be spiritual. We try to achieve recovery of our senses in order to allow encounters. You can nurture your personality and develop more approval with yourself and how you are. Gestalt therapy is also about being part of something, gives opportunities to try something new and appreciate and let go of the old.

„Only meeting Thou makes us I“…

… says Martin Buber. Only by encountering with another person, we realize commons and differences, closeness and distances, we can feel who we are. A traveler knows that: experiencing the strange abroad she is going to realize how different home is and feel how the discover of similarities provides her with a feeling of being home. Gestalt therapy is a journey to yourself.

Only meeting Thou
makes us I.

Martin Buber